Frequently asked questions

We love people who like getting stuck in and starting is easy. Once you have filled in the online forms we can get you booked in for your free training session. It helps if you can be there 5 mins early to meet the instructor & settle in to your first free class.
Wear loose comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt are ideal but as long as clothing isn’t too restrictive, it doesn’t really matter. For safety reasons you should also remove or secure any jewellery and tie your hair back if it is long.
Training regularly will improve your fitness, coordination, flexibility and co-ordination. It also builds confidence & improves self esteem. Many members of the academy have become good friends and increased their social networks
There are many different ways and areas that Martial Arts share a common ground, from striking, throws locks and groundwork, to the way in which they’re practised – generally repetitive physical training. We have different classes at the academy, and something to suit everyone no matter what your fitness level
We cater for all individuals from beginner to seasoned competitor. If you would like to look at becoming more involved please feel free to chat to our instructors.
You are never too old to start training. Train to your own limits and push yourself as hard you want to.
You do not need protective equipment although a lot of students choose to wear a mouth guard when rolling.
You can train as little or as often as you want to or however many classes fit into your lifestyle. We have membership options that cover everyone.
We have Gi’s/ Uniform that you can buy here. Feel free to ask Sue or other members at the club if you need further advice.
We have various different options from P&Go to a monthly payment plan. Head over to our membership section for more details.