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Norris Green
Liverpool L11 1DQ

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 3pm - 8pm

Welcome to Muga Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu school

A very warm welcome to Muga Mushin Ryu Ju-Jitsu school in Liverpool.

We are a progressive, forward thinking martial arts group offering all inclusive Ju-Jitsu classes in Liverpool for all ages and abilities from experienced, professional instructors in a friendly and positive atmosphere.

Our team of dedicated instructors respect the history and practice of traditional martial arts. At the Mushin Academy we have developed these practices to suit modern life and use them as a means of keeping fit, gaining confidence and achieving your goals.

At Muga Mushin Ryu Ju-Jitsu we have an Open Door policy, egos are left behind .

Sue King

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If you are interested, please do get in touch and we can advise on the best class for you.

Latest news

March Junior/cadet Grading

March 24th Junior  jujitsu Gradings. On Sunday March 24th  we held our first  junior grading s of the year using a new format which we believe will encourage our youngsters in all aspects of there style. syllabus, randori, grappling and

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” I Can ” project

Our “I Can” project was launched at the beginning of January and is progressing smoothly, with an outstanding group of students actively engaged in enhancing their mental health and well-being through the practice of jujitsu. This project is dedicated to

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