Shihan Sue King

we thought that you would like to know a little more about our head  coach  Sue : Sue’s martial arts journey began at age 15 when she began training in Traditional Ju Jitsu following interest in a local self-defence course.

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Interview with UKBF

Interview With Sue King (7th Dan Shihan) UKBF Regional Officer for the Liverpool City Region. Sue is one of the senior female Jujutsu teachers in the country and an ordained Buddhist. What is your earliest memory of the martial arts?

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Sue King
How to stay Mentally Fit During Lockdown

The world at the minute is not the one we love, and being separated from our Mushin Family has made this time apart even more cruel and painful. While we could love to be throwing each other to the mat

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Muga Mushin Celebrates Landmark Anniversary

Despite the current issues impacting the worldwide population, Team Mushin are proud to celebrate their 13th anniversary of their Jiu-Jitsu school which was founded in April 2007. Since opening the coaches have strived to provide the best quality teaching to

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New Blue Belts

Massive congratulations to Laura,Laurene & Emma today on passing the Blue belt test, all three ladies showed great heart, skill and diversity throughout the grading and worked well under extreme pressure,they have trained extremity hard over the past year to

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