In July of 2021, as the world started to open up again and we were allowed to train on the tatami , I was honoured to finally present @seanhughes with his Fourth Degree Black Belt in
Japanese Ju Jitsu and pleased to acknowledge that this was with the backing of three other organisations,

Mr Hughes has been an active student & instructor with Mushin Martial Arts for over 10 years now. He was already an accomplished martial artist before joining the team with experience in Karate, Judo, Kickboxing as well as Japanese
Ju Jitsu.

He has directly contributed to the ever developing curriculum of Mushin Ryu Ju Jitsu and never more than during the recent lockdowns. When training was allowed, Sean dedicated time to being my Uechi deshi and
helped me refine the detail and practicality of our syllabus and my
personal technique. Especially when working towards my 7th dan grading and having to perform these techniques to a grading panel, This has been invaluable to me and to the progress of Muga Mushin Ryu.

It has been an honour to train with Sean and watch him push himself to his limits and beyond as well as
push and inspire others through his own journey , as of late he has helped form new budo relationships allowing us to travel and taking part in many seminars across the UK

I look forward to many years of working with him and seeing him train, coach and bring out the best of the adult and youth teams of Muga Mushin Ryu.

Yours in Budo
Sue King shihan